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February 7, 2019

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We Are ALL Beautiful

February 7, 2019

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We Are ALL Beautiful

February 7, 2019

Hey Beauties!! It's been a minute...


So I have something that has been REALLY weighing heavily on my mind the last few days, so let's chat! First I have a few questions for y'all!


1. Have you ever been interested in Boudoir pictures for yourself or a gift to someone special?

2. Did you do it?

3. If so, how did you feel?

4. If not, why not?


I want you to all really think about these questions and truly answer yourself, or drop a comment if you like!


So here are my thoughts... I have done 5 boudoir shoots with 5 different photographers and have 2 more marathon weekends coming up soon as well. So let me tell you what was different about each one...

- Location, all beautiful and perfect, but at different & unique places.

- Editing style, some are warmer, some are cooler, b&w based, color based, and of course the way the lighting was hitting during the shoots.

- Clothing, based on the woman and the comfort of each person involved.

- Posing, also based on the woman and comfort of all involved. 


Now, let me tell you what was the same...

- A timid, nervous woman walking in every hour to start hair and makeup.

- A glass of wine for most. As someone who has done a boudoir shoot... Been there, done that!!! 

- An "I trust you" as they sit in my chair. And I thank you all for that trust!!  

- A look in the mirror after hair and makeup is complete, the smile that hits and the eyes lighting up,  and a more relaxed woman thanks to the time of sitting being pampered, and probably the wine LOL!

- A worried look at "It's your turn, what do you want to wear first?" as the nerves rise up again! 


Now, this is where I stop seeing them for 30-60 minutes based on the length of their shoot and start on the next timid, nervous woman. But let me tell you the last similarity, no matter who they are, what they look like, and how nervous they were walking in...


- The confident woman that walks out, feeling like she runs the world, because lets be real, woman do!! They are excited for the pictures, they are amazed at the way they transformed in that shoot into the beautiful woman they have ALWAYS been, but never allowed themselves to see through all the "flaws". 


You know what can never be returned? That feeling, the chance to see yourself as gorgeous and beautiful and feel that way also, because you are... And let me just add, NO MAN WILL EVER RETURN THIS GIFT!!! So, think about it, not only for a gift to your special person, but for you because you are a special person and deserve to feel that way! We are ALL Beautiful, now lets actually believe that!



Jacqueline Rae


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